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Welcome to EICS-Products Ltd

Manufacturers and Remanufacturers of Military and Commercial pumps, alternators, starters, distributors and much more.

Military Vehicles

Parts for everything from Challenger Tanks to Scorpions and Mastiffs

MOD and Defence

We’re experts at making and remanufacturing parts for a whole host of military vehicles.

Legacy product manufacturing

Manufacturing legacy parts for vehicles of all ages!

Missing a part?

We can take over the manufacture of legacy products for you, freeing up your space to create new products.


Manufacturing and Remanufacturing Experts
With years of experience in both remanufacturing and manufacturing systems for all types of vehicles, we can provide speed, efficiency and quality for unbeatable prices.

Obsolesce management

Let us help you create a plan to manage obsolescence!

Are you ready for obsolescence?

Suffering from the obsolescence of equipment or vehicle parts? Planning ahead? We’re here to help!

Commercial Vehicle

Get in touch or fill out an enquiry to get started.

Goods & Passenger Vehicles

Our massive selection of parts including alternators, starter motors, wiper motors, ECUs and control panels.

Classic & Vintage

Avoid the higher costs of new products by bringing your part to us for repair

Classic & Vintage Remanufacturers

Did you know that it’s often cheaper to have your modern or vintage car part remanufactured than to purchase a new one?

Call us today on 01522 682 143 to arrange collection and delivery of your remanufactured vehicle parts!

Who are we?

EICS- Products Ltd can reduce your costs and save the planet by remanufacturing your old unit. Why buy new when the “old” can be remanufactured?

For more information, please call our friendly staff on 0044 (0) 1522 682 143 or email sales@eics-products.co.uk. We can arrange free collection of your old units for a no obligation survey.

We’re specialists at remanufacturing and manufacturing military and commercial vehicle components, we also offer reverse engineering of obsolete components.

If you’re a manufacturer, why not try our legacy component management services? Contact us for more details today!